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EIT ICT Labs Action Line Leader Intelligent Transportation

Dr. Christian Müller, head of DFKI's automotive group, has been appointed new Action Line Leader of the EIT ICT labs thematic action line Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems.

Safe Intelligent Mobility
By investigating and testing Car-to-X communication and its applications, the research project SIM-TD (Safe Intelligent Mobility Test Area Germany) helps shaping tomorrow's secure and intelligent mobility. The 4-years-project started in September 2008, consolidating and applying the results of previous research projects. Hereby, a large-scale field-test infrastructure around the Hessian metropolis of Frankfurt is established in order to create realistic traffic scenarios with the aim to foster the political, economical, and technological foundations for a successful introduction of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure networks. Automotive IUI at DFKI is responsible for developing the SIM-TD human machine interface (HMI). A rule based presentation manager assures smooth and on-time display of high-priority alerts. Additionally, usability rules minimize driver distraction and guarantee the most efficient use of output modalities.
Visions & Goals

Context-aware Multimodal Interfaces for Car Passengers

Multimodal interaction constitutes a key technology for intelligent user interfaces (IUI). The possibility to control devices and applications in a natural way enables an easier access to complex functionality as well as infotainment contents. This kind of interaction is particularly suited for use in automotive scenarios where additional restrictions with respect to input and output modalities have to be taken into account. In recent years, the complexity of on-board and accessory devices, infotainment services, and driver assistance systems in cars has experienced an enormous increase. This development emphasizes the need for new concepts for advanced human-machine interfaces that support the seamless, intuitive and efficient use of this large variety of devices and services.

The goal of automotive IUI research at DFKI with its flagship project CARMINA is to lay the foundations of a new generation of context-aware multimodal interfaces for car passengers that support the interaction of the passengers with the car and mobile internet services, between the passengers inside the car, and between the passengers and the road environment.



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