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Mobility is a critical pillar of our modern economy system. We envision that the car of the future will not only be considered from the perspective of a means of transportation, but as a multi-functional intelligent environment.

The overall goal of SiAM lies in the establishment of a scientific and technological foundation of situation-dependent multi-modality for the communication with and between the next generations of personal transportation.

To achieve this goal, we particularly take into consideration the interaction of individual and multiple road users with their environment (e.g. buildings and billboards), as well as the usage of car-to-x communication to improve intelligent driver assistance systems. The aspect of driving safety plays a major role in form of a new approach on the prediction of cognitive costs based on user interaction. Finally, the concepts are integrated into a multi-modal dialogue platform, which enables several new usage concepts (e.g. eye-gaze plus micro-gestures) and interaction tailored to a specific user via adaptation and persuasive behavior.


Core Components

The following components represent three core accessories that have been developed in SiAM:

  • Multimodal Dialogue PlatformSiAM-dp
  • Pull-based car-to-x communication framework PADE
  • Eyetracking hardware and software solution EyeVIUS