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Rafael Math

Rafael Math joined the Automotive group as a full-time member in April 2010 and is responsible for the development and maintenance of a 3D driving simulator. This simulator is the foundation of driver reaction and distraction tests which are integral components of the projects CARMINA and SIM-TD. His research interests are 3D Computer Graphics, Ubiquitous Computing, User Modeling and Human Computer Interaction.

From 2004 to 2009 Rafael studied computer science at the Saarland University.

He received his bachelor's degree in 2008 for his thesis "UbisLibrary: An RFID- and Barcode-based ubiquitous Library Management System" which was followed by a master's degree in 2009 for his thesis "UbisPhotos & UbisAccess: Design and Implementation of a Web 2.0 Photo Community on the basis of a modern Access Control".

Before he joined the Automotive group, he worked in the EU project GRAPPLE at DFKI and as student research assistant at Saarland University's chair of Artificial Intelligence.

Since 2012 he works in the EU project GetHomeSafe.


Please refer to the list of publications.