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Monika Mitrevska started her activities in the Automotive IUI with her master thesis: Physical & Spiritual Proximity: Linking Car2Car Communication with Online Social Networks. She finished her master studies at Saarland University in 2012 and since then she is a full time researcher in the Automotive group. With time her interest shifted from pure automotive to smart mobility in general. At the moment she is part of the projects STREETLIFE and EFFEKT. She works on solutions for multimodal transportation systems, with special interest in bicycles fleets.

Monika is also part of the Software Campus program where she develops and practices her project management skills.

Before moving to Germany Monika finished her bachelor studies at Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje and worked as a software engineer in the NLB Tutunska Bank - Skopje.



Please refer to the list of publications.