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Angela Castronovo

Dr. Angela Castronovo (née Mahr) is a full-time member of the Automotive Group and responsible for usability testing and evaluation regarding automotive human-machine interfaces. Her main research area is safe user-centric multimodality in the car (combinations of, e.g., speech, GUI, micro-gestures, gaze-based interaction).

She recently defended her PhD Thesis in Psychology on the topic „Time-compressed spoken words enhance driving performance in complex visual scenarios – Evidence of Crossmodal Semantic Priming Effects in Basic Cognitive Experiments and Applied Driving Simulator Studies“ (graded Magna Cum Laude).

During her studies of Psychology at Saarland University, Angela mainly focused on cognitive psychology and research methods. Based on her outstanding performance, she was admitted to a student scholarship that provided financial support and early opportunities to practice an interdisciplinary discourse at several summer schools. During an internship at the BMW Group back in 2006 she gathered first insights into research within the automotive domain. Angela applied her knowledge about user studies and experimental design to a customer survey and an elaborate experiment regarding BMW’s high beam assistant. This practical experience was supplemented by an internship on the topic of human error modeling at the DFKI in 2007. Since autumn 2008, Angela has been working for the DFKI's Automotive Group as a student research assistant. After completing her studies of Psychology in 2009 with her diploma thesis about the possibility to reduce danger in road traffic by using subtle attentional cues, she started working as a full-time researcher in the Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) department headed by Prof. Wolfgang Wahlster.

Angela’s main responsibility in DFKI’s interdisciplinary Automotive Group has been to ensure the usability of new technologies. For this purpose, she has successfully designed user interfaces, planned and conducted elaborate user studies including numerous objective and subjective measures, and ensured compliance with the relevant guidelines. Inter alia, she largely contributed her psychological expertise to the projects CARMINA, simTD, and GetHomeSafe.


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