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Gesture Control

photo series of someone using gesture at the steering wheel

Micro gestures, i.e. gestures where the hands stay on the steering wheel and only individual fingers are moved, can be viewed in a similarly positive light as language when it comes to vehicle guidance. Thanks to progress in hardware over the last few years, recognition of micro gestures can be implemented into cars with minimal space requirements. The main challenge in expanding use and acceptance now consists of developing a cohesive overall concept for gesture control in vehicles. The Automotive IUI Group is currently examining studies that focus on usability, including the following questions

  • Which vehicle functions are useful to control?
  • Which gestures can be used intuitively, and how can the gesture set be expanded?
  • How can gestures be multimodally combined with other modalities, e.g. gestures and language?
  • Which physical interaction parameters need to be considered when used on the steering wheel (e.g. finger span)?
  • How distracting is gesture interaction?